Web Design Basics


For this project I  created a paper mock up of a web page that I wanted to create. After that,  I created that mock up in Illustrator using a picture interesting and small logo icons. Then, in Dreamweaver I created a splash page that resembled my mock up in Illustrator.


Paper Mock up




Illustrator Mock Up

Splash Page


Sample Html and CSS Code

What I Learned

In this project I learned how to create a splash page using html and CSS code. Instead of using Mr.Leduc’s logos, I used my own logos I found. I learned how to put my own logos into html by watching a video tutorial Mr. Leduc made. The link to the video is here. A problem I came across during my process was figuring out how to get my own logos into the CSS code solve this I asked my neighbors and they didn’t know how either. Then I asked Mr. Leduc, and he helped me figure it out.

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